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One-on-one presentation coaching

Make sure your next presentation is engaging and clear with a little help from me.

With the experience of an actor and specific training in public speaking and presentation styles, I can provide advice and feedback on the effectiiveness of your visuals, the quality of your vocal presentation, and the clarity of your message.

We can plan a single session or a series of sessions over which we hone your final product. While this type of coaching is best done in person, remote options via video Skype are also available. 

Hit the “Yes I’m Interested” button above to let me know what you are looking to achieve so we can design an experience to do just that.



Simon is a NYC-based actor who is involved in a wide range of creative projects.Besides theater, television and voiceover work, Simon teaches sushi classes, hosts poker games, teaches poker, coaches public speaking and is available to MC events.

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