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We are in this together. Company, Venue and Audience.

The better we, as artists, are at letting our audiences "in", the more those audience will repeatedly see and deeply enjoy the art.

Our aim is to support you in engaging your audiences- We'll arrive with dances and leave your audience full and enriched and with a greater understanding of the art they experienced.

In addition to our dances on-stage, we believe that the future population of engaged audiences are those who not only enjoy the work when it is performed, but understand the layers of how it "becomes".

Kinesis Project will partner with you to market, build outreach and invent specific ways to continue to engage your audiences in Pre, During, and Post Event engagement options.  We will continue to strengthen audience and artistic relationships by developing marketing and outreach.


PRE-EVENT (available as virtual or live experiences)

Step into Rehearsal - audience members are invited to a company rehearsal.  In the studio with us, they will witness our very first steps to creating work!

Dance Audience IN- Melissa Riker, Choreographer and Artistic Director leads the gathered audience through the creation process of five sections of PRESSING EMPTY and show those segments on video.  She will expand the segements with video of rehearsals during the process.

The comparison between the different ways the company works sparks conversations and ideas from the audience, spurring dialogue that will last all the way to the dates of our live performances.


BACKSTAGE "PASS" - Videos from a backstage perspective during a dress rehearsal or performance.  Video will continue to be available online for "on demand" viewing.

WINE & WONDER/SPEAKEASY - Before our appearance at your venue, Kinesis Project will meet with and train your staff to discuss our work to facilitate discussion about our work.. 

Once we have performed we'll leave you and the audience to discuss what they saw, without the pressure of the artist being present.

This type of discussion supports a more informed dance audience since people are more likely to talk about what they didn't understand, or ask questions without the gaze of the artist present. 

We love this idea that The Walker Theater has put in place, and will help your venue begin the tradition as well.

LivingRoom Dances - Does your venue have a small cafe or lounge?  LivingRoom Dances will fit into any space.  Three duets and one trio use everyday settings in unusual, charming and eccentric ways.

A perfect playful Cabaret experience that introduces our company to your VIP audience members. 
Will it be...

     Ladies with blue hats?
     Dancers attempting to be in the same place at the same time?
     A trio with silverware? Brides with issues? ....

The choice is yours - Select and curate your event from Kinesis Project's SHORTS repertory, or let us build the series of pieces for you!

KINESIS an event -  Your fundraising event for your venue is practically perfect.  But the finishing touch could be a dash of dance-making-as performance!

Kinesis Project talking and hanging out with your guests, discussing the reason for the party, the day, or even a specific topic you've requested....

Using the information from those conversations...the artists leave for 30 minutes, choreograph and come back with:


And then...that dance is performed.


MAPPING HOME - Kinesis Project is building a dance based on interviews with individuals about their ideas of HOME. 

We will interview members of your audience base and begin the work to make the dance right in front of them. 

They will have front row seats to the process of building, AND for our public performances they will be given front row seats as well!

Curious about Mapping Home as a work? here's a link


AFTER Performance - Continued Engagement

Personal Q&A - Private question/answer via skype about dance-making, careers in dance or just get our attention on single audience members and their own questions outside of a curious group.


Mentorship - give the gift of advice from the choreographer about the steps of working in New York, making the transition from dancer to choreograqpher, or simply becoming a choreographer.




**All offerings are available to be kept online in our archives to be set for "on demand " watching by your audience members

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Kinesis Project

KINESIS PROJECT is both.....
"...A Marx Brothers routine with soul..." -audience member
"Captivating" -CriticalDance.com
Kinesis Project is a dance organization that produces dance concerts, facilitates educational programs and creates site specific performances with diverse communities.

Kinesis Project builds work designed to make the soul dance and the feet fly.  We are pushing the boundaries of what changes space, and people, by placing movement and stillness in unusual and inspiring places.