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KINESIS PROJECT/projekt nyc Collaboration Space for Experiences


Welcome to our collaboration.


KINESIS PROJECT and projekt nyc are working together to build experiences specifically to inspire and get you involved in the creative process through exclusive behind the scenes access to celebrating art and its creation!


Here you can choose the unique and vital experience offering that is just for you and your sensibilities. 


From privately shown performances in a theater to sneek peeks at rehearsals and process - even the opportunity to have dance in your home or at your event.... our collaboration is about welcoming You into the dance.




1. Step into Rehearsal - FOUR insider audience members are invited to a rehearsal with the company - you will witness our very first steps to creating work.


2. LivingRoom dances - you're having an event - a bridal shower, dinner party, or gathering a new group of friends - and some Dancing Inspiration will make it memorable!
Will it be...

     Ladies with blue hats?
     Dancers attempting to be in the same place at the same time?
     A trio with silverware? Brides with issues? Or....
           ....a combination of three!

The choice is yours - Select and curate your event from Kinesis Project's short piece repertory, or let us build the series of pieces for you!


3. KINESIS your event -  Your event is practically perfect.  But the finishing touch could be a dash of artist-ry.....Really.

Artists talking and hanging out with your guests, discussing the reason for the party, the day, or even a specific topic you've requested....

Using the information from those conversations...the artists leave for 30 minutes, work and come back with:


And then...that dance is performed.


4. MAPPING HOME:with YOU - Kinesis Project is building a dance based on many interviews with individuals about their ideas of HOME. 

We will interview you and two friends, and begin the work to make the dance right in front of you. 

You will have front row seats to the process of building, AND for our public performances you will be given front row seats as well!

Curious about Mapping Home as a work? here's a link


5. Your Own Q&A - Private question/answer via skype about dance-making, careers in dance or just get our attention on you and your own questions outside of a curious group.


6. Mentorship - give the gift of advice by the choreographer about the steps of working in New York, making the transition from dancer to choreograqpher, or simply becoming a choreographer.



and Finally....for a full evening of personal but completely choreographed culture:

An Audience of Friends -Kinesis Project has three full evening length works and you and 30-50 of your closest friends are welcome to book the show for your very own performance and question/answer time.


   Pressing Empty follows five brides through a physical and eccentric evening of playful dresses and real panic.  Ms. Riker continues her fascination with moments in time and decision in an edgy, riveting, and accessible evening of wedding gowns, tuxedos, choice, blue feathers, and emptiness.


    My Steps Toward You - Kinesis Project's modern and martial arts filled riff on the Odyssey - Penelope is the "lady in red" and Odysseus is willing to fight through anything to get back to her.


   Right Before You Fell - is a playful, quirky and eccentric movement narrative of mis-communications - Circus and theatre criss-cross through an athletic dance performance that is beyond unusual. NYC audiences said it’s “a Marx Brothers routine with soul”, creating a “..visceral reality”, “one of the freshest, funniest, evenings of dance you're likely to see!"


**All offerings are available with the add on of "Your Dance on Film" Through  a conversation, or one of our choreographic offerings, your voice has been made into a dance.  the next step? Make it into a dance film!  With film maker Mollye Asher we'll shape your dance into recordable segments, edit and give it to you for posterity.


Bookable Offerings


Kinesis Project

KINESIS PROJECT is both.....
"...A Marx Brothers routine with soul..." -audience member
"Captivating" -CriticalDance.com
Kinesis Project is a dance organization that produces dance concerts, facilitates educational programs and creates site specific performances with diverse communities.

Kinesis Project builds work designed to make the soul dance and the feet fly.  We are pushing the boundaries of what changes space, and people, by placing movement and stillness in unusual and inspiring places.