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Kinesis Project’s Pressing Empty deposits a bride alone. The audience acclaimed dance/theatre company that created Right Before You Fell, "a …dance experience that is entertaining from its first moment to its last." offers a deep look into loneliness, wedding veils and running at the last minute. Possibly another "Marx Brother's routine with soul" Pressing Empty follows five brides through a physical and eccentric evening of playful dresses and real panic. Ms. Riker continues her fascination with moments in time and decision in an edgy, riveting, and accessible evening of wedding gowns, tuxedos, choice, blue feathers, and emptiness.

Kinesis Project

KINESIS PROJECT is both.....
"...A Marx Brothers routine with soul..." -audience member
"Captivating" -CriticalDance.com
Kinesis Project is a dance organization that produces dance concerts, facilitates educational programs and creates site specific performances with diverse communities.

Kinesis Project builds work designed to make the soul dance and the feet fly.  We are pushing the boundaries of what changes space, and people, by placing movement and stillness in unusual and inspiring places.