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Dancing Flash Mob

Have an upcoming party, wedding proposal, birthday, company meeting or other event where a spontaneous dance just HAS to happen?  Gloria is here for you!  She can create a flash mob that is tailored to your occasion.

Here is how it works:

  • Gloria will discuss your ideas and brainstorm together about music, theme, number of participants and location.  
  • She'll manage rehearsals to teach the choreography to the participants.
  • She'll handle all the details and videography of the flash mob.


Click the "Yes, I'm Interested" button above and let Gloria know what type of experience you have in mind, its location, approximate length and how many people you envision being involved, so that she can start creating with you. 


Gloria Mwez is a Chicago dance artist with experience in theatrical performances, film roles, and dance company choreography.

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