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General For Everyone

General For Everyone

How can I track what's new on GoSeeDo?

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What does the Remind Me button do?

This button will give you a form to enter your email address. After you have submitted it, we'll send you a reminder about this page.

Where can I see examples of GoSeeDo's weekly enews?

Click on a link below to see examples of GoSeeDo's weekly "Featured Experiences" emails.

Where do I go to give feedback and see questions by other users?

To give feedback, ask a question, and see questions by others either click the "Feedback" tab on the side of every page on GoSeeDo.org, or click here.


General For Producers

Can I have more than one email address associated with my producer profile?

Currently only one email address can be associated with your GoSeeDo profile.

But you can include specific contact emails in events to have your fans contact a company member directly.

How can I integrate my GoSeeDo Portfolio into my own website?

You can embed an iframe on your site that will display your GoSeeDo portfolio so that people can interact with it without leaving your website. To do this, you can use this free tool, or contact GoSeeDo support for assistance.

How can my Kickstarter project be featured on the GoSeeDo curated page?

Email Kickstarter@GoSeeDo.org

  • Tell us when your project will launch (if it hasn't already) 
  • send the email address associated with your Kickstarter account 

Check out the GoSeeDo Curation page on Kickstarter.

Am I able to have more than one Producing Organization?

Currently you are only able to have one organization associated with an email address and personal membership. As we continue fine tuning the site, you will be able to manage multiple arts organizations from your GoSeeDo account.

Can my scheduled event repeat?

We are working on adding this feature. Here is our recommendation for the easiest way to post multiple events of the same type:

  • When naming your event, add the date to the name of each one to clarify that it is a repeated event (i.e. Drop-in Class - August 1st)
  • Use the same image so your fans will realize that it is the same event, just different dates.
  • Copy and paste the event description using the same text each time, perhaps adding a note at the end about the event duration (i.e. Our drop-in classes will be offered August 1st - September 26th)
  • Tip: Only put up 4-6 repeating events at a time, so it doesn't over-crowd your portfolio. You can save the rest as drafts so they are ready to publish with the click of a button.

You don't need to have a logo.

Your profile supports two images.

The "logo" image will be your primary image that appears on your Producing Profile as well as on all event, collection, and media pages. Use the image that best showcases your work.

The second image will appear on your Producing Profile when your fans view your full profile.

How can I edit my photos and what size do you recommend?

This photo editor can resize or crop your image. We recommend a 430 pixels wide, horizontally-turned ('landscape') image for nicest display.

To begin the quick and easy editing process, click the “Get Started” button on the home page.

From there:

1. Choose the image file you wish to edit, and then click “Upload the photo to Phixr.” Your uploaded image will then appear on your screen.

2. Located in the toolbar on the left side of the page, click on the “Crop” icon. A small screen will appear.

3. Locate the “preset” drop down box and select “Golden Ratio (Landscape).” Click the “Crop” button and your newly landscaped image will appear.

4. In the “file format” drop down box located below the image, choose the JPEG (standard format) option and click “Download/Save. The image will then download to your computer.

5. Choose that file when uploading an image onto your Profile, Scheduled Event, or Bookable Offering.

How can I make an iFrame to display my GoSeeDo Portfolio or one of my offering pages on my own website, blog or elsewhere?

You can use this handy tool to make an iFrame. Questions? Contact GoSeeDo and we'll help you out.


How do I add a table into a description field?
  1. Click "HTML" in the editor menu.
  2. Paste the below code into the HTML editor window in the location where you would like the table to appear.
  3. Then change the content in the table to fit your needs.

Table Example:

<table border="0"> 
<colgroup><col width="100"></col> <col width="150"></col> </colgroup>  
<td>row 1, cell 1</td> 
<td>row 1, cell 2</td> 
<td>row 2, cell 1</td> 
<td>row 2, cell 2</td> 

row 1, cell 1 row 1, cell 2
row 2, cell 1 row 2, cell 2


You can also add photos inside a table:

See us on the Stage See us in the Studio
Misnomer Angles.    In the Studio with Misnomer


How do I add photos into a description field?


  1. Click "HTML" in the editor menu.
  2. Paste the below code into the HTML editor window in the location where you would like the image to appear.


Image Example 1:

<img src="http://goseedo.org/images/AEP_header_03.png?1332335355" alt="GoSeeDo Banner Image" /> 

GoSeeDo Banner Image


Image Example 2:

If adding an image from flickr:

  1. Go to Flickr and click on the photo you want
  2. click on "share"
  3. click on "Grab the HTML/BBCode"
  4. select the size you want (for a Bookable or Event page use no larger than 640x427)
  5. Go to the GoSeeDo editor menu for the field you want and click "HTML"
  6. paste the code in. 

Here's an example:

<p><a title="photo by Misnomer Dance Theater, on Flickr" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/idance/6818406758/"><img src="http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7202/6818406758_5fa19b50cf_z.jpg" alt="photo" width="640" height="427" /></a></p>




How do I publish an event or media item?

When creating a scheduled event, bookable, etc., you can save it as draft and then publish it later.

"Save and View" saves your work and then gives you the normal view of the item, rather than keeping you in the edit form.

To "Publish" means to make the offering viewable by other site visitors, and also to push data to partner sites where appropriate.

"Publish as Featured" will publish the offering and make it the primary offering at the top of your portfolio page.

After you have published a scheduled event, changing it can be complicated, so make sure you're done before you publish. Bookable offerings can be changed at any time.

When canceling a scheduled event, you must go through the cancelation process with your ticketing system first, and then go to the GoSeeDo edit form and hit the "Save and Deactivate" button.

How should I describe my offering?

A compelling description helps the reader envision taking part in the experience. Click here for more tips.

Copying from Word: Paste the text first into Textedit or Notepad to take out the Word formatting tags. Then copy the text from there into GoSeeDo.

What if I get a message that looks like spam?

You may occasionally get a spam email through messages you receive from the "Yes, I'm interested" button on your bookable offerings. If you receive an email that looks like the message below, you may disregard it, as your account has not been compromised.

From: support@goseedo.org

Subject: GoSeeDo - Inquiry for "Private Coaching"

Somebody is interested in buying your bookable offering! Please contact the person to answer their inquiry and close the purchase.

First Name: usnkkxse
Last Name: EejhxwBOPHxEbKz
Email: wkfnge@lixwwm.com
Phone #: 75355523650
Message: 5wseSp xbxkleaeqrgs, ijaxsrouwmch cvjhfqrrhyym

Click here to view the bookable

Why should I post my major events (performances, benefits, etc) on GoSeeDo?

GoSeeDo supports you in offering a portofolio of experiences. When your fans come to your GoSeeDo pages, they will see a whole host of ways to engage with you and your work. You never have to use EventBrite for your ticketing. You can put your own website, or other ticketing website, in the "other ticketing" field.

Tip 1: When you create a major performance or benefit, add a few offerings that relate to the event.

Tip 2: When you're promoting your major event, offer small ways to engage with your fans through your marketing materials. Perhaps a new photo or video with a poll to get your fans excited about the big event!

Tutorial Videos

Screencast Video for New Users - Getting Started with GoSeeDo.

This video gives an overview to assist producing artists and arts organizations to get started using GoSeeDo.





How do I get started designing and drafting a Bookable Offering?

Below are links to help you design your bookable offerings:

Can I make changes to a Bookable offering after it has been published?

Updating a published Bookable offering can be done easily at any time:

  1. Select the Bookable offering you need to update.
  2. On the Bookable page, select the “Edit” button.
  3. Make any updates/edits desired.
  4. After your updates, select “Save and View” (suggested) or “Save” to finish the updating process.
How does my fan purchase and pay for one of my Bookable Offerings?

Here are the standard steps of purchasing a Bookable Offering:

  1. The buyer uses the "Yes, I'm Interested" button to send a message to the artist, starting a dialogue.
  2. Once details are settled, the artist uses the "Invoice Buyer" button to send an invoice with a payment request to the buyer.
  3. The buyer clicks the link in the email requesting payment, which leads them to the offering's page. This page has a "Pay Now" button which launches PayPal. They can pay either via their PayPal account or by credit card.
    This is the most convenient payment process. It also takes care of GoseeDo's commission automatically.

    If the buyer prefers to pay by check or cash:

    Use the "Invoice Buyer" button on your bookable offering's page to send an invoice to the buyer. In the message field of the invoice form, include a note like "Please disregard the payment instructions below. Make your check payable to … and mail it to ....".

    You will then need to pay the GoSeeDo commission manually. You can do that by making a payment to payments@GoSeeDo.org via PayPal Direct Payments.
Should I include a price on my Bookable Offering?

For a bookable offering, you will probably go through some negotiation before settling on a final price (especially if you have some optional add-ons). But entering a base price as a starting point can help set expectations, and helps you think about how to deliver and communicate value.

What should I do when I get an Inquiry?

When a prospective buyer contacts you, increase your success rate by replying right away. Remember that they have probably sent inquiries to other producers as well.

If they included a phone number, give them a call as soon as possible (statistically this increases the odds of sealing the deal). Then follow up with an email.

If you have questions or would like advice - don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you succeed!


How do I add content to my Collection?

To add Scheduled Events & Bookables to a collection:

  • Log-in to GoSeeDo and visit the event/offering that you would like to add to a collection
  • click "Edit" and then scroll to the bottom of the page to the filed labeled "Collections"
  • check the Collection you'd like to add the event to and select "save"

you'll need to do this for each Scheduled Event and Bookable you'd like to add to a collection.  In the future, when you are creating an offering you can add it to a Collection when you publish.  Also, you can add, change, & remove experiences from a Collection at any time.


Learning Community

How can I get help with using GoSeeDo?

We all need a little helping hand sometimes, and GoSeeDo is here for you:

If you have a Producing account, you can also:

  • Ask another GoSeeDo artist in our Google Group
  • Attend our next webinar (which will be announced in the Google Group).
What if I find a bug, or something doesn't work on the site?

GoSeeDo uses GetSatisfaction as a tool for tracking any technical issues that might pop up.

We're working around the clock to ensure that you have minimal "bugs" but if a feature is acting wonky or you're having trouble - use the "Feedback" button on the left side of the page.

You can report the bug and we can take care of it for you!

What is the GoSeeDo Google Group?

The GoSeeDo Google Group is a private forum for GoSeeDo members with a producing profile to share ideas, pose questions, and share tips and experiences with each other.

Have a great idea about a new event type?  Post it! 

Considering hosting a new type of event?  Ask your peers! 

You can use it via email or its web interface.


Can I add video to my portfolio?

GoSeeDo supports the use of video in multiple ways:

  • You can include a video URL when you create an event or a bookable offering. In that case an arrow icon will be shown in the corner of the image that is displayed on your event's or bookable's page. Clicking on that icon will launch the video in a new window.
  • You can offer video streaming as a way of delivering a scheduled event or bookable offering.
  • You can create a Media experience from your Producing Dashboard: Enter the URL of a video from YouTube, Vimeo, LiveStream or Ustream for your fans to watch and comment on.
  • In the Profile form of your Producing Account, you can associate a YouTube or Vimeo channel with it, and videos from that channel will appear on the "Videos" tab of your Profile page.
Can I change the order of my videos or photos?

So that fans always see your most fresh content, the way that media is setup in GoSeeDo is that they show up in a row in the order of when they were most recently edited.

If you want to arrange your media in a different order, just go into any media item, click edit, add an empty space anywhere and save. This will bring it to the front of your row.  This approach works for your rows of Projects, Bookables and Media. Scheduled events are always in chronological order.

What is the difference between an Offering and Media?

An offering means that your fans can get a spot for something that happens in a set time and place. Offerings can be scheduled or bookable, live or virtual. Usually attendance is not free.

Media can happen at any time and are not limited to a specific space. Access to them is open to anybody. Media posts are virtual and are limited to the media space, such as posting videos or photos, posing questions/polls, engaging in comments/discussion, etc.

What types of video/web cams work with LiveStream?

Camera Types: learn more from the LiveStream User Guide.

Webcaster: This is the easiest way to broadcast live.  This type of broadcast is great for conversations, rehearsals, or studio showings that are very low tech and informal.  This is NOT the best way to broadcast a full performance as the Webcaster only supports older DV camcorders and webcams.

Procaster: The Procaster is a more advanced broadcasting platform from LiveStream.  You have to download (for free) the application and run it from your computer.  Click the link to learn more in the Procaster User Guide.

Online Offerings

Can I offer bookable virtual experiences or stream video of a live event to people who can't attend in-person?

Are you an artist on the move with fans in different geographic locations?  We’re sure your fans would love to connect with your work from afar.  How can we do this?  Virtual Events are an exciting way for artists to reach fans where they are.  This means you can sustain existing relationships without having to tour every performance.  Virtual events are also a great way to introduce your work to new fans in the comfort of their own home.  
What is a Virtual Event?

  • Stream your Major Performance
  • Stream any studio event: Show-Hearsal, Studio Showing, Informance, etc.
  • Host an online presentation or conversation about the making of a new piece, or the collaborative process of making performance, and Q & A about your work
  • The possibilities are numerous!

Using technology to reach audiences virtually is not a new concept. Many artists around the world have been experimenting with broadcasting special events and performances using the internet.  GoSeeDo’s goal is to support you in creating a new series of offerings for your fans, by utilizing technology to make that connection.  We believe that incorporating Virtual Events into your current artistic projects will deepen the loyalty of existing fans, introduce your work to new fans, provide access to fans who can’t make an event in-person, and make your work more accessible to a much larger audience.  The key is creating compelling content for your virtual events to provide a unique, customized experience for your fans.

GoSeeDo currently supports two free ways to use video: LiveStream and Skype.  

  • You can host your LiveStream channel on an GoSeeDo Media page. LiveStream will allow you to broadcast a Scheduled Event that you are already hosting, and make that event available to fans who can’t be in the room with you. You can also decide whether to record that event so that fans can view it at any time.
  • Skype is a great tool for hosting conversations and experiences for a smaller number of people at one location, and is great for a Bookable Event.  You can host a Skype conversation from wherever you are with an internet connection and web cam.

Table of Contents for Virtual Events & Experiences:

  1. Intro to LiveStream
  2. Getting Started with LiveStream
  3. How to include your LiveStream channel in your GoSeeDo Portfolio
  4. LiveStream Technical Details
  5. LiveStream Financial Aspects
  6. Past Experiences & Examples of using LiveStream
  7. Intro to Skype
  8. How to include Skype in your GoSeeDo Portfolio
  9. Skype Technical Details
  10. Skype Financial Aspects
  11. Past Experience of using Skype
How can I include LiveStream in my GoSeeDo Portfolio?

Step 1: Choose “Create Media” from your Producer’s Dashboard.

Step 2: Enter a name and description, then select Video as the Type of Media. When prompted, enter the stream URL associated with your LiveStream channel.

Step 3: Create a separate Scheduled Event entry for your live event. Fill that out as usual, but make two adjustments:

  • Add “with streaming video” to the Name of your event.
  • In the event Description, include a sentence like “If you can’t make it in-person, we’ll have a live video stream available!” and include a link to the Media page you created in Step 1.
  • Check the “Online?” checkbox below the venue information.

Step 4: Publish and share it with your fans!

How can I include Skype in my GoSeeDo Portfolio?

Step 1:  Choose “Create Bookable Offering” on your Producer’s Dashboard.

Step 2:  From the Offering Types page select any appropriate type from the Bookable column (ex: Private Workshop).

Step 3:  Enter the name, description, photo, and pricing information as usual. Check off the “Online” checkbox. Make sure your description explains that you’ll be communicating over Skype, which is free, but the buyer will need an account.

Step 4:  Publish and share it with your fans!


How can I promote my offerings to my fans?

To sell your bookables and tickets to your events, your fans need to know about them!

Promote bookables everywhere your fans already go for info about you:

  • Emails - GoSeeDo provides templates to start from; find them on your dashboard and offering pages. Learn more.
  • E-news- promote bookables in your sidebar alongside events
  • Website - your fans already go to your website to learn about you
  • Next to your calendar of events - cross-promote your bookables where you sell event tickets
  • Playbills and programs - in the hands of an audience already interested in your work, at the moment of inspiration at a show
  • Live events - verbally tell your fans about bookables at your gigs
  • Social media - Promote your bookables on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and ask your fans to spread the word for you.  Learn more about sharing on Facebook and Twitter through GoSeeDo.


Invest in yourself:

  • Be creative in getting out the word frequently and in multiple places. Remember, people often need to see something a few times before taking action, so give your offerings ongoing visibility.
  • Promote bookables in a consistent way - such as the same sidebar of your newsletter or homepage - so your fans get used to seeing them there.

For additional ideas to get up-and-running fast, email us for free one-on-one consulting.

What does a well written GoSeeDo offering look like?

Whether you create an offering from scratch or start with GoSeeDo’s pre-existing blueprints, these ideas should help you to create offerings that are descriptive and exciting to prospective participants:


1. Give your offering an understandable title - you want anyone reading the title of an offering to have enough of a sense of what it is that they will want to click on it to learn more.

2. Get to the point - try not to make your offering too text heavy. Readers will want to be able to learn quickly what your experience is all about.

3. Use "you" language - write your offering so that the wording describes what the buyer will receive as opposed to what you will offer them. This can help the reader envision themselves taking part in the experience.

4. Be specific - make your description as specific as possible so that the reader will really know what to expect from the experience. This can also make what you are offering more concrete, and make it easier for a buyer to envision themselves taking part in the experience. If possible, include a link to a video that showcases elements of your work that are directly relevant to this offering.

5. End with a call to action - it is a good idea to end your experience description by telling the reader a simple, clear action that they can take to book the experience with you. This may be as simple as inviting them to click the "Yes, I'm interested!" button to contact you.


Let us know if there are other ways we can help you use the platform – that's why we're here! 

Learn more about GoSeeDo and sign up today.


What's the best way to get started with GoSeeDo?

For a quick start, make a bookable offering or a scheduled event, then promote it to your fans!

Overall Strategy

We think you'll have the most success in engaging your audience by presenting a diverse portfolio of opportunities. We suggest you:

  1. Post your existing scheduled events. Add in some new ones too.
  2. Create some bookable offerings that excite you. Try to keep at least 3 published, covering a range of prices.
  3. Promote your offerings via your email list and social media.
  4. Invite fan feedback, and involve them in your process.

Tip: Promote early and often!

If you're going to get steps 1 & 2 done within a day, you could wait and promote them all together.

If it's going to take you longer, we suggest you do a couple waves of promotion to start telling your fans earlier.

After your first email announcement, we suggest you repeat this process every 2 weeks to hone your offerings and engage your base.

See our FAQ for more information.

Does GoSeeDo have suggestions about how to price my offerings?

You should come up with your own internal price-points, which take into consideration the actual and opportunity costs, so that it is sustainable for you to implement. Be sure to set your pricing at a level where you are comfortable with the compensation you receive. 

Here are a few things to consider:

1) How much will this experience cost to produce? Include your time, additional artists, space rental, equipment, wine, etc.

2) Do I want to make a profit, break even, or take a loss on this experience? It’s important to answer this question early in the planning process.

3) What price fits the value that I am providing? Each experience you offer can be positioned uniquely to emphasize specific values that the recipient receives. You want to price based on the value to the recipient, and you want your relative prices acorss your portfolio to make sense together. A diverse portfolio of offerings will include a range of offerings set at multiple price-points, so that there are offerings that cater to people at different buying capacities, and so that you provide multiple ways for people to interact with you.

How can an artist become more self-sustaining through GoSeeDo?

Here is how you can succeed on GoSeeDo:

Your fan base is out there and waiting; all you have to do is let them know about your work. Make sure it is attractive and they will come to you for more.


  • use GoSeeDo to create a varied portfolio of offerings;
  • promote your portfolio to fans via mass email and social media.
How can I cancel a scheduled event?

Canceling a Scheduled Event can be inconvenient if people have already bought tickets for it.

You first have to go through the cancellation process with the ultimate ticketing system (e.g. EventBrite).

Next, go to the page for your Scheduled Event on GoSeeDo, and click the Edit button. On the bottom of the Edit Event form, click on the "Save and Deactivate" button.

Is there a minimum number of offerings I should create?

No, but having a wide variety of offerings gives your fans multiple opportunities to engage with your work between major performances.

What do you mean by "already scheduled events"?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it! 

Many artists are actively engaged with various events between performances where fans can engage with them and their work.  GoSeeDo encourages you to keep producing events that are successful for you and your fans.

Include all of your unique offerings on GoSeeDo so your fans know what you're up to and how they can continue to connect with you.  Already scheduled events include major performances, open rehearsals, talk-backs, and other special programming.  List any upcoming performances, workshops, series, or events you're already doing.

Scheduled events can be very informal (invited rehearsals), social (party), or formal (major performance). They can also be live, virtual, or both.

Scheduled events allow your fans to engage with you and your work in a wide variety of ways from small intimate experiences to large group functions, giving your fans an awareness of new ways to interact with you that weren’t available before.

Once you've added your existing scheduled events to your GoSeeDo portfolio, you should start crafting new ones.

What is a new scheduled event?

After you've posted your already scheduled events to your GoSeeDo portfolio, it's time to move forward. Shake it up a bit and offer your fans a new way to connect to your work. 

Check out our blueprints for some inspiration or craft your own events.  You can find our blueprints by going to your Producing Dashboard and clicking "Create New". A new window will open with our list of blueprints. 

You can also check out examples of other artists' events on the Explore page.

Want to suggest a new event template? Please email us.

What is a portfolio?

Your GoSeeDo portfolio is a collection of offerings that include scheduled events and bookable offerings, as well as media experiences.

When your fans visit your GoSeeDo portfolio they will see a wide range of ways they can engage with your work, including attending major performances, getting behind-the-scenes access, watching videos and leaving comments. The idea behind a portfolio is that your fans can see the multitude of artistic endeavors that you're engaged in.


There are 2 inter-related concepts behind the design of GoSeeDo:

  • the goal of creating opportunities for your biggest fans to help support you, not through donations, but rather through a wide array of opportunities for engagement/interaction;
  • the execution of this concept by having a broad portfolio of experiences available to let fans find their preferred ways of engagement.

For instance, your offerings can vary on:

  • frequency of interaction: have more opportunities to engage
  • formality of presentation: final works vs in-process exhibitions
  • degree of customization/personalization
  • price points.


We recommend you find ways to broaden the variety of your scheduled events, and really get creative with your array of bookable offerings.

Our Getting Started page suggests a specific series of steps to move forward on this.

Producing Profile

How do I create my Producing Profile?

Your Producing Profile includes all of your basic contact information as well as information that will integrate many of your social media streams.

To create a Producing Profile, go to your Personal Dashboard and click on the "Create New Producing Profile" button.  You will be asked to fill in fields with information.  To make your profile complete, you will want to include the following:

  • 2 images: a logo or other iconic image of your work to display in listings, plus a second image to make it even more visual. The "logo" image will be your primary image that appears on your Producing Profile as well as all event, collection, and media pages. The second image will appear on your Producing Profile when your fans view your full profile. 
  • Your PayPal “Premier” account (a free upgrade that allows you to accept unlimited credit card payments for Bookable offerings).

    • To create a new PayPal account go here and select “Premier”.
    • To upgrade your existing  account log in to PayPal.  From “My Account” select “Profile” -> “More Options” -> “My Settings” -> “Account Type” -> “upgrade”

  • Your free EventBrite account.  To register go here.
    • After signing up (or logging in) go to “Accounts” to retrieve your API User Key from “accounts” section, or follow this link: API User Key
  • YouTube User ID or Vimeo Channel to include.
Can I integrate my YouTube and-or Vimeo channels?

If you have a channel of videos on YouTube or Vimeo, we'll display them on a tab of your profile page.  Simply select either YouTube or Vimeo and enter your channel name or user-id (not the whole url).

Your channel name for YouTube is the string of characters that come after http://www.youtube.com/user/. For example, if your YouTube url is http://www.youtube.com/user/GoSeeDoArts, your channel name will be GoSeeDoArts.

How can people donate to my work?

Enter the URL for your donation processing page in the field for "Donation URL" when editing your Producing Profile. GoSeeDo will help your fans find it. You don't need to include the "http://" part of the url (i.e. www.sitename.com will work fine and look cleaner.)

How do I link my PayPal account to GoSeeDo?

Enter the email associated to your PayPal account in order to process payments in GoSeeDo. You can get a free account at www.PayPal.com.

You need to have either a (free) Verified Premier or Business account so that you can accept credit card payments.

Where can I find my Facebook Fan Page ID?

Your Facebook Fan Page ID is the number at the end of your Facebook-fan-page URL. This will be used for the Facebook widget in the right column of all your pages.

If you have customized your Facebook URL so that it no longer includes a number, click on your Facebook profile image, and copy the long number that’s part of the resulting URL. (More details here.)


How will my fans purchase a ticket for a scheduled event?

If you use EventBrite, we'll link directly to your event's page on the EventBrite site.

Otherwise, you provide a ticket page URL when you create an event, and we link to that.

Can I add special instructions or additional information about ticketing?

If you want to include any brief details regarding ticketing/pricing, this is a good place to describe them for potential ticket buyers.

Can I make changes or updates to a scheduled event that has been published?

a) Updating Name, Description, Image, and non-EventBrite Ticketing Information:

  1. Select the scheduled event you'd like to update.
  2. On the Event page select the "Edit" button.
  3. On the Edit Event page make your updates.
  4. After your updates, select "Save and View" (suggested) or "Save" to finish the updating process.

b) Updating Event Start Date & Time, Event Duration, Capacity, Price, Venue Name and Location:

  1. Go to EventBrite and log in.
  2. From the My Events page select "Edit" next to the event you would like to update.
  3. Update any appropriate fields and select "Save Changes".
  4. After the updates on EventBrite, email GoSeeDo's Community Manager with any updated information about time, location or price.
  5. You will receive an email from the Community Manager once your GoSeeDo event has been updated.
Can I start a draft of an event if I don't have a venue yet?

You don't need to enter venue information to save a draft scheduled event, but you have to enter one before you can publish the event.

Start by typing the first word or two of the venue name, and the search engine will find any existing similar records in the database - you can use a match or create a new record. If you pick a match and it fills in the rest of the fields in that Venue box, do not make any changes to any of those fields, to avoid creating a duplicate venue.

Do I have to use EventBrite for ticketing?

EventBrite is available for you to use for all scheduled events (free, set price, name-your-own, and multi-tier options) but you can use any ticketing service with GoSeeDo.  

If you prefer to use a non-EventBrite ticket seller (for instance, if your venue already handles ticket sales, or you use TicketWeb), then fill in the “URL to Purchase Tickets” field with the URL for that site. Make sure you use the URL specific to your event, not the seller's home page.

How do I cancel a published scheduled event?

Cancelling a published scheduled event can be a problem, especially if people have already bought tickets.

Here are the steps if you need to cancel an event:

  • First go through the cancellation process with your ticketing system (whether EventBrite or other)
  • Click the "Edit" button in the event on GoSeeDo. Then click the "Save and Deactivate" button.
How does GoSeeDo provide ticketing service for scheduled events?

If you already have a ticket seller system in place for this event, then pick "No" for "EventBrite?"

If you need a ticket seller system for the event, pick "Yes" and you can use EventBrite for free.

Ticketing with EventBrite

Does it cost anything to use EventBrite?

You can use EventBrite to handle ticketing for your event at no charge (a service fee will be added on top of the ticket price you set).

Here is some more specific EventBrite info:

Can I email fans who have purchased tickets to an event?

If you used EventBrite for your ticketing, their system provides a way to send an email to all the ticket buyers for that event.

Just go to EventBrite and log in to your account (note that the login/password probably isn’t the same as for GoSeeDo - it’s whatever you used when you created your EventBrite account yourself).

Find your event in your dashboard, then, once in the event, click the “Email Attendees” link in the left column.

Back on GoSeeDo, open your event page and look for the link "Thank Buyers" inside the "Promote this Offering" section in the side bar. Clicking on that link will bring up the template in a new window.

You can select all in that window, and then copy and paste the text into the EventBrite email editor form. Make any edits you want, and click send.

Can my scheduled event have more than one ticket price?


To create an event with multiple price tiers to be ticketedy by EventBrite:

  • Create the event with a single price-tier. Publish it. (This will result in the event being automatically created on the EventBrite site.)
  • Log in to EventBrite with your EventBrite ID and password. Find the new event among your listings. Click the Edit button/tab for the event.
  • Manually add additional price tiers ("tickets").
  • Come back to GoSeeDo and edit your Event. Describe the price tiers in the "Optional note".
Do my fans need to sign up for an EventBrite account to purchase tickets?

No, your fans do not need an EventBrite account to purchase tickets.

They can use a major credit card or PayPal to complete their transaction.