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  • Chore-You!


    Enter the action like never before.  This is your opportunity to have a work choreographed exclusively for you by me. You will work one-on-one with me in the studio to develop a 3-minute solo that will be yours alone. It's a unique way to package memories in a lasting work (...)

  • Studio Rentals

    Studio Rentals

    Gibney Dance Center provides bright, clean, focused workspaces for the creation and rehearsal of movement. Our seven studios, in addition to a green room, production offices, dressing rooms, and a media room, boast 13-foot ceilings, pillar-free space, large windows with views of (...)

  • YOU Dance  On Site with Leah Stein

    YOU Dance On Site with Leah Stein

    Come join Leah Stein to dance outside, in a beautiful setting, and create a site-specific performance.  Maybe you’ve taken dance classes for a long time and long to create choreography with a group of fellow dance students.  Maybe you’re a beginner but love (...)

  • Let's Duet!

    Let's Duet!

    Do you love the choreography you see at Malashock Dance? Do you wish that your company (or you personally) could perform one of their signature duets?   Now you can! Let's Duet is a unique opportunity for professional dance companies, individuals and/or benefactors to lice (...)

  • From Dance Page to Dance Stage

    From Dance Page to Dance Stage

    This is a special opportunity we'll offer just two people this Season.   Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to bring a project from conception to production? Are you interested in learning why choreographers make the artistic choices they do?   Join us from (...)

  • Create a Site-Specific Dance with Leah Stein to Commemorate an Important Moment!

    Create a Site-Specific Dance with Leah Stein to Commemorate an Important Moment!

    Make your group event or celebration unique.  Leah Stein Dance Company offers you the opportunity to work with Artistic Director and renowned site-specific choreographer Leah Stein to create a site-specific performance.   Leah Stein Dance Company will create a unique, (...)