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  • Monologue Power

    Monologue Power

    If you are an acting student or anyone curious about acting, this is right for you! Even experienced actors often are uneasy doing a monologue; it can seem hard when you only have yourself to work off of. But with a little help from me, you can get over your fears and learn to lo (...)

  • Dancing Words

    Dancing Words

    Want to start making your dances more interdisciplinary? In addition to being a dancer, I am also a writer.  I have been writing poetry and short stories ever since I was 9 years old.  I can be commissioned to write a piece that will be the soundscape for your new work (...)

  • Chaos Settled

    Chaos Settled

      If you're an emerging or established artist it is probably true that you've got a lot on your plate, and in some cases, with not enough time or means to manage it. This stress and chaos can often bog down an artist and stifle creativity. Yuck. Don't let this happen to yo (...)

  • Lecture/Demonstration


    Try it, see it, talk about and get inside the technique and aesthetic of our company!  The private workshop is your opportunity to schedule a masterclass with one of our company dancers, explore our way of moving and learn excerpts from our repertoire.  Then see a priv (...)

  • Renting CAVE studio

    Renting CAVE studio

    CAVE studio is an 800 square foot (19’X40’X16’) space with white walls and a white sprung wood marley floor. It has 16 foot ceilings and skylights. The studio is equipped with a VCR, DVD, monitor, and stereo system. The studio is open Monday to Sunday, 10 am to (...)

  • Brainstorm!


    Have dance block? Not sure how to move on with your present idea? Need an idea all together?  As a choreographer, I can help you get past your dance block  by jogging your brain for new ideas.  We can brainstorm together or you can skype me into a rehearsal for fee (...)

  • Learn How To Stage Manage DANCE!

    Learn How To Stage Manage DANCE!

    Aspiring stage manager? Already a stage manager but want to expand your employment opportunites? As a dancer AND a stage manager specializing in dance I can teach you the ins and outs of stage managing dance productions.  We will talk about etiquette, cue calling, timing, a (...)

  • A New Eye For Your Stage Lighting

    A New Eye For Your Stage Lighting

    Are you sick of the same old lights up and lights down of your lighting design? Want a fresh view on how to illuminate your creation?  I can work with you and your organization to create fresh new ideas that will take your performance to the next level. As a newer lighting d (...)

  • Edges


    The Project Beginning in high school, Courtney has been intrigued by the medium of 35 mm film and continues to shoot with and develop it today. Although she loves shooting a variety of subjects, one of her favorites to photograph are fellow dancers. Most dance photography captur (...)

  • Anusara Yoga

    Anusara Yoga

      The private workshop is your opportunity to schedule an 1.5 hour-long session with my favorite yoga instructor and me and explore our way of moving. I've been to a large number of yoga classes and have found her particular style (anusara) to be amazingly clear, satisfying (...)