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Intro to Video Streaming

Can I offer bookable virtual experiences or stream video of a live event to people who can't attend in-person?

Are you an artist on the move with fans in different geographic locations?  We’re sure your fans would love to connect with your work from afar.  How can we do this?  Virtual Events are an exciting way for artists to reach fans where they are.  This means you can sustain existing relationships without having to tour every performance.  Virtual events are also a great way to introduce your work to new fans in the comfort of their own home.  
What is a Virtual Event?

  • Stream your Major Performance
  • Stream any studio event: Show-Hearsal, Studio Showing, Informance, etc.
  • Host an online presentation or conversation about the making of a new piece, or the collaborative process of making performance, and Q & A about your work
  • The possibilities are numerous!

Using technology to reach audiences virtually is not a new concept. Many artists around the world have been experimenting with broadcasting special events and performances using the internet.  GoSeeDo’s goal is to support you in creating a new series of offerings for your fans, by utilizing technology to make that connection.  We believe that incorporating Virtual Events into your current artistic projects will deepen the loyalty of existing fans, introduce your work to new fans, provide access to fans who can’t make an event in-person, and make your work more accessible to a much larger audience.  The key is creating compelling content for your virtual events to provide a unique, customized experience for your fans.

GoSeeDo currently supports two free ways to use video: LiveStream and Skype.  

  • You can host your LiveStream channel on an GoSeeDo Media page. LiveStream will allow you to broadcast a Scheduled Event that you are already hosting, and make that event available to fans who can’t be in the room with you. You can also decide whether to record that event so that fans can view it at any time.
  • Skype is a great tool for hosting conversations and experiences for a smaller number of people at one location, and is great for a Bookable Event.  You can host a Skype conversation from wherever you are with an internet connection and web cam.

Table of Contents for Virtual Events & Experiences:

  1. Intro to LiveStream
  2. Getting Started with LiveStream
  3. How to include your LiveStream channel in your GoSeeDo Portfolio
  4. LiveStream Technical Details
  5. LiveStream Financial Aspects
  6. Past Experiences & Examples of using LiveStream
  7. Intro to Skype
  8. How to include Skype in your GoSeeDo Portfolio
  9. Skype Technical Details
  10. Skype Financial Aspects
  11. Past Experience of using Skype