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Tips for Creating Successful GoSeeDo Offerings for Your Fans

What does a well written GoSeeDo offering look like?

Whether you create an offering from scratch or start with GoSeeDo’s pre-existing blueprints, these ideas should help you to create offerings that are descriptive and exciting to prospective participants:


1. Give your offering an understandable title - you want anyone reading the title of an offering to have enough of a sense of what it is that they will want to click on it to learn more.

2. Get to the point - try not to make your offering too text heavy. Readers will want to be able to learn quickly what your experience is all about.

3. Use "you" language - write your offering so that the wording describes what the buyer will receive as opposed to what you will offer them. This can help the reader envision themselves taking part in the experience.

4. Be specific - make your description as specific as possible so that the reader will really know what to expect from the experience. This can also make what you are offering more concrete, and make it easier for a buyer to envision themselves taking part in the experience. If possible, include a link to a video that showcases elements of your work that are directly relevant to this offering.

5. End with a call to action - it is a good idea to end your experience description by telling the reader a simple, clear action that they can take to book the experience with you. This may be as simple as inviting them to click the "Yes, I'm interested!" button to contact you.


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