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Skype Technical Details

First, sign up and download your free Skype account.  You can also sign up for a premium account, or upgrade later if you would like the premium features.  Once you’ve created your account and downloaded the application you’re ready to go!

To host a one-on-one or small group event with fans in multiple locations:

  1. Ask for your fan’s Skype name.  If your fan does not have skype, send them a link to sign-up for free.
  2. Add your fan(s) to your skype contact list before the event. (at least 1 day prior to make sure there will be no problem calling).
  3. Set up your webcam to your liking (make sure you can see your face, or faces clearly).
  4. At the start time, call your fan(s) using the Video call.

To present or teach to a class or address a group in one location:

  1. Add the host to your Skype contacts.
  2. Have the hosting school provide equipment.
    • A projector so they can project you and your presentation for the whole class
    • Speakers or a sound system to amplify the audio
    • A webcam or video camera set up on the class so you can engage with the group and individual students during the event.
  3. Have the host do a short call with you to test the equipment prior to the class.