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Financial Aspects of Skype

As always, GoSeeDo supports artists’ complete control over pricing.  Here are a few things we think you should take into consideration when pricing your Skype Event:

  1. What income do you need to cover your time and expenses (what is your real cost to produce this)?
    • Note: You may choose to not rely on the event income to cover all of your costs, but GoSeeDo does advocate knowing your costs and taking that into consideration when pricing your event.
  2. What is the real value your fan(s) are receiving?
    • This is a customized event specifically for them.  The more unique and custom you make your event, the higher the value to your fans.  For instance, a one-on-one skype experience is a very limited and intimate event compared to a talk-back with a full audience following a performance.  
  3. What savings are you offering to the buyer?
    • Note: Does a Skype presentation or class allow you to engage with a group of students while saving money in travel, lodging, and other guest artists costs for the presenter?  Skype events can be a great way to offer your services to presenters who cannot afford to bring you to them in person, but can bring you into the room live.
  4. How practiced are you with this medium?
    • Note: If this is a test or early iteration, price accordingly.  AND let your fans know that it’s a test and that they will be participating with you in a totally new way!