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Where creative experiences are made and shared

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How can I promote my offerings to my fans?

To sell your bookables and tickets to your events, your fans need to know about them!

Promote bookables everywhere your fans already go for info about you:

  • Emails - GoSeeDo provides templates to start from; find them on your dashboard and offering pages. Learn more.
  • E-news- promote bookables in your sidebar alongside events
  • Website - your fans already go to your website to learn about you
  • Next to your calendar of events - cross-promote your bookables where you sell event tickets
  • Playbills and programs - in the hands of an audience already interested in your work, at the moment of inspiration at a show
  • Live events - verbally tell your fans about bookables at your gigs
  • Social media - Promote your bookables on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and ask your fans to spread the word for you.  Learn more about sharing on Facebook and Twitter through GoSeeDo.


Invest in yourself:

  • Be creative in getting out the word frequently and in multiple places. Remember, people often need to see something a few times before taking action, so give your offerings ongoing visibility.
  • Promote bookables in a consistent way - such as the same sidebar of your newsletter or homepage - so your fans get used to seeing them there.

For additional ideas to get up-and-running fast, email us for free one-on-one consulting.