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Where creative experiences are made and shared

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What is a portfolio?

Your GoSeeDo portfolio is a collection of offerings that include scheduled events and bookable offerings, as well as media experiences.

When your fans visit your GoSeeDo portfolio they will see a wide range of ways they can engage with your work, including attending major performances, getting behind-the-scenes access, watching videos and leaving comments. The idea behind a portfolio is that your fans can see the multitude of artistic endeavors that you're engaged in.


There are 2 inter-related concepts behind the design of GoSeeDo:

  • the goal of creating opportunities for your biggest fans to help support you, not through donations, but rather through a wide array of opportunities for engagement/interaction;
  • the execution of this concept by having a broad portfolio of experiences available to let fans find their preferred ways of engagement.

For instance, your offerings can vary on:

  • frequency of interaction: have more opportunities to engage
  • formality of presentation: final works vs in-process exhibitions
  • degree of customization/personalization
  • price points.


We recommend you find ways to broaden the variety of your scheduled events, and really get creative with your array of bookable offerings.

Our Getting Started page suggests a specific series of steps to move forward on this.