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Bookable Offerings Intro

What are Bookable Offerings? 

You may want to offer special experiences that you’d only provide if committed to in advance.  Such offerings don’t fit into the category of experiences that you would schedule ahead of time as a “Scheduled Event”.  GoSeeDo calls this category of offering a “Bookable Offering”.  Most simply, a Bookable is a service you’d provide if booked ahead of time by an individual or a group.

With Bookable Offerings you can expand your suite of offerings, and make your audiences aware of a wide range of offerings without having to invest a lot of time upfront.  As a result, you get to create and share More Art, More Often.

Intended Value:

  • Build awareness of experiences you offer. (They can’t book it if they don’t know about it.)
  • Discover a market that you didn’t know existed.
  • Give your followers more options for how to connect with you.
  • Exhibit to your audiences an openness to play.

What Types of Things Can I Offer?
The range of possible experiences that you could offer Bookable is limitless.  We encourage you to brainstorm about what kinds of experiences you might enjoy offering and your fans might enjoy participating in.  Some examples (but by no means a complete list) of what you might offer include:

  • Get to define the theme or subject of a piece
  • Backstage Pass after the performance
  • A private workshop
  • A private performance
  • Choreograph a dance on you in 48 hours (no previous dance experience needed)
  • Private Q & A session (in-person, or by Skype)
  • Attend (or participate in) a photo shoot, costume or music session, tech rehearsal
  • Provide a mentorship to a young choreographer (purchased as a gift for a dance student)

The only limit is one’s own creativity - if wine is an an important element of your next dance, you can offer a day trip to visit a winery with the choreographer and participate in research together!

We have included detailed descriptions of a few example Bookable Offerings.