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How does my fan purchase and pay for one of my Bookable Offerings?

Here are the standard steps of purchasing a Bookable Offering:

  1. The buyer uses the "Yes, I'm Interested" button to send a message to the artist, starting a dialogue.
  2. Once details are settled, the artist uses the "Invoice Buyer" button to send an invoice with a payment request to the buyer.
  3. The buyer clicks the link in the email requesting payment, which leads them to the offering's page. This page has a "Pay Now" button which launches PayPal. They can pay either via their PayPal account or by credit card.
    This is the most convenient payment process. It also takes care of GoseeDo's commission automatically.

    If the buyer prefers to pay by check or cash:

    Use the "Invoice Buyer" button on your bookable offering's page to send an invoice to the buyer. In the message field of the invoice form, include a note like "Please disregard the payment instructions below. Make your check payable to … and mail it to ....".

    You will then need to pay the GoSeeDo commission manually. You can do that by making a payment to payments@GoSeeDo.org via PayPal Direct Payments.