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LiveStream Technical Details

The LiveStream nitty-gritty:

  • Start by making sure your event Venue has a broadband internet connection available, and Wifi access that’s either open, or the password is provided. Take a laptop to the venue and confirm this before you go any further to avoid last-minute surprises!
  • You’ll need some equipment:
    • a reliable laptop
    • either your laptop’s camera, or an external webcam or digital camcorder that can stream out live, has an adaptor for a tripod, and has a high-enough-quality lens and zoom-feature to work in your situation
    • you’ll probably also want a tripod to keep the camera steady
  • When you create your account on the video site, install any necessary software on the laptop that you will be using for the event.
  • You’ll need at least one person to work the camera and laptop. Ideally the same person who tested the equipment with you a few days before the event.  It is important to test before your event to troubleshoot any potential problems you might have (i.e. the camera doesn’t capture the full space, you are using a chat feature for the first time, etc).
  • Do a test run to make sure everything works. Take the exact same equipment to the venue that you’ll use for the event, and have someone at a different location view the results online to confirm.
  • Have your camera person get to the event at least an hour early to set up and test everything.
  • Reminder: you can RECORD your LiveStream broadcast and make it available to your fans to watch after your event!  For more info on recording click here: Recording FAQ.