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Financial Aspects of LiveStream

The financial considerations:

  • Eventually we would like to see pay-per-view video as a good income source for artists.
  • Virtual events can have significant benefits by creating new fans who will come to future live events, or will make donations. However, until you have experience in running these events, you probably don’t want to risk charging for this experience, and then getting surprised by technical difficulties.
  • LiveStream is a free service for you and the viewer, but they make money by showing ads. These ads appear both before and during your event -  the ads when your fan logs-on will be short. The ads during your broadcast can be closed by clicking the “x” on the ad.  The only way you can avoid this by paying for a “premium” service.
    • It’s a good practice to let your fans know what to expect.  You should tell them to log-on a few minutes before your event starts so the short ads won’t cause them to miss the start of your event!