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Learning Community

The GoSeeDo Learning Community is a resource designed to help you make the most of GoSeeDo, as well as meet and interact with other members. If you have a question or suggestion for additional resources you’d like to see, please email us.



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Get started using GoSeeDo by viewing the Getting Started Video Tour for helpful tips.



The GoSeeDo Google Group is where 1) you can get the latest news and tips, and 2) you can ask questions and learn from other GoSeeDo artists through a private forum. This is the best place to pose a question to the community for collective feedback. You can also ask a question or contribute to the conversation directly from your email by simply e-mailing your message to: goseedo-groupchat@googlegroups.com.



Have something you are trying to do? Want to help shape GoSeeDo to serve you and others? Click on the feedback tab (located in the middle of the left-hand side of every page on GoSeeDo) to ask a question, share ideas, report a bug, give praise or make a suggestion. You'll be able to see the questions of other users, which might answer your question, and GoSeeDo representatives will respond to your message. This is also the best way to report a question and get direct personal technical assistance.


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