GoSeeDo.org: Where creative experiences are made and shared

Where creative experiences are made and shared

  • Create new events and offerings

  • Explore upcoming events and offerings

Getting started

What's the best way to get started with GoSeeDo?

For a quick start, make a bookable offering or a scheduled event, then promote it to your fans!

Overall Strategy

We think you'll have the most success in engaging your audience by presenting a diverse portfolio of opportunities. We suggest you:

  1. Post your existing scheduled events. Add in some new ones too.
  2. Create some bookable offerings that excite you. Try to keep at least 3 published, covering a range of prices.
  3. Promote your offerings via your email list and social media.
  4. Invite fan feedback, and involve them in your process.

Tip: Promote early and often!

If you're going to get steps 1 & 2 done within a day, you could wait and promote them all together.

If it's going to take you longer, we suggest you do a couple waves of promotion to start telling your fans earlier.

After your first email announcement, we suggest you repeat this process every 2 weeks to hone your offerings and engage your base.

See our FAQ for more information.