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Where creative experiences are made and shared

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Experience Blueprints

GoSeeDo provides ready-made Experience Blueprints to help you build up your portfolio. For each template we have prepared guidance and draft wording, making it easy to get started.

Experience Type Scheduled Event Variation
(you set a specific date)
Bookable Variation
(occurs only if booked)
Whether at one of your scheduled performances or when you are hired for a private event, let your audiences enjoy your work.
Performance Private Performance
Corporate Event
Make yourself available to present at a corporate event.
- Corporate Event
Bring the audience into the studio for a look at your creative process.
Show-hearsal Bookable Show-hearsal
Studio Showing
Think of this as a low- to no-tech performance, perfect for giving audiences a more intimate show.
Studio Showing Bookable Studio Showing
Show a scaled-down version of your work in a smaller setting with added discussion.
Informance Bookable Informance
House Concert
Let your fans provide the venue and the audience!
- Host a House Concert
Art Party
Plan an art party for kids or adults that they'll never forget!
- Host an Art Party
Staged Reading
Take the next step with your work, or enable another artist to hire your company to help them do the same.
Staged Reading Bookable Staged Reading
Be a Muse
Craft a solo on someone based on their story.
- Be a Muse
Commission a Work
Be hired to create a new work to commemorate a special occasion.
- Commission a Work
Commission a Flash Mob
Be hired to choreograph a flash mob and teach it to the participants.
- Commission a Flash Mob
Ask an Artist
Give a student, aspiring artist, or parent a chance to ask questions about the life of a working artist.
- Ask an Artist
Discuss a work after the show or as a separate event.
Discussion Bookable Group Discussion
Virtual Visit
Make yourself available to groups (like a classroom of students) who you would otherwise be unable to visit.
Virtual Visit Bookable Virtual Visit
Let's Do Lunch
Give audience members the opportunity to meet with you informally for a meal or drinks.
Let's Do Lunch Bookable Let's Do Lunch
Share your skills through master classes or one-on-one coaching.
Workshop Bookable Workshop
Hone Your Audition Materials
Help a student or early-career artist add polish to their materials.
- Hone Your Audition Materials
Shadow an Artist
Give a student or aspiring artist a peek inside the day-to-day life of a working artist.
- Shadow an Artist
Workout with a Dancer
Prepare a workout for someone using techniques you use to stay in shape.
- Workout with a Dancer
Curated Calendar
Create a curated calendar of recommended events.
- Curated Calendar
Through Our Eyes
Join some fans for another artist's show and talk about it over drinks afterwards.
Through Our Eyes Bookable Through Our Eyes
What do you do that is priceless? What experience could you offer for $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, or more?
- Premium Bookable
Embrace your creativity - use this blueprint to create an experience that doesn't fit any of the existing ones.
One-of-a-Kind Event One-of-a-Kind Experience